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  • Author: thzzqef42

    All children have dreams.But dreams are not enough. Because he who only dreams becomes complacent and inactive.He becomes satisfied only with the idea of a dream and chooses to live inside a dream bubble as a means of escape from the hard reality. The dream however must be the reason for you to continue to […]

    August 24, 2021

    You will no longer put your young children to sleep with fairy tales. Because now there are true stories to narrate. About a child who was selling glasses, watches and bags in the flea markets of Sepolia – Athens in order to help his family survive, and after some years, by scoring 50 points in […]

    You win, they deify you.You lose, they tear you apart. Many envy you anyway. Others see themselves in you. Others consider you a role model for themselves or their children without knowing anything about you other than the results you bring to the court. But none of them knows how you cope with your daily […]

    When someone tells you that there are people with no talent at all, empty – hearted, bad and useless by nature, talk to them about the Atacama Desert in Chile; the driest area on Earth, 100 times drier than Death Valley in the USA. A region that holds the world record for the longest drought, […]

    August 19, 2021