The superpower of Consistency

Listen my child.

Having the greatest talent in the world, the ideal abilities, skills, capabilities and prospects actually means nothing significant if you are not consistent as a personality;

Consistent in your views, consistent in your apologies, consistent in your time and your obligations.Inconsistency offends, both others and yourself my child. Inconsistency shows inability or even indifference from your part to prioritize and to respect written or unwritten rules.Do you really think that your own time is more valuable than the time of others? Do you think that the “wishy – washy” behaviors of yours are obligatory for others to suffer? Do you think that the world should revolve around you?

I am sorry to disappoint you, but you are totally mistaken. And this mistake will cost a heavy price in your life if you do not gradually change the way you think and act.It will force people not to trust you and not to take your seriously. It will lead you to acquire and consolidate a mentality of personal triumphs “on demand” which will unwittingly train you to expect of yourself to thrive every time even when you do not put the proper amount of effort and attention on given tasks.

Moreover, this mistaken behavior will lead you to build a mentality of cultivating manipulative human relations in which you will be trained to search for responsibilities solely of others and not towards others.

Consistency my child, is a wonderful gift you can give to yourself.It will teach you to live every moment, to reduce the stress of yourself and those who interact with you.It will teach you to always be on time but also to recognize the value of the right time when something is to be done. Consistency will teach you to be always in touch with your generation’s era, with your ideas, with your dreams, with the path you want to follow.

Consistency is a superpower. And those who will teach that to you, are the best teachers you could ever have.

This post was written by Achilleas Ifantidis

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