Follow your own path!

You win, they deify you.
You lose, they tear you apart.

Many envy you anyway. Others see themselves in you. Others consider you a role model for themselves or their children without knowing anything about you other than the results you bring to the court.

But none of them knows how you cope with your daily life. They just stick to the stereotypes that suit them for you.
As if, you do not have the right as a champion to have bad days.

As if, as a public figure, you do not have the right to make mistakes or omissions.

As if, even if you earn money from sports, money is the one that will train for you, that will be injured instead of you, that will get sick instead of you, that they will be condemned instead of you, that will fall in love for you, that will comfort you on the nights of your loneliness.

None of those who deify or envy you will fight for you during your great difficulties. The fight will be given by you and only a few more, members of family or coaching staff.

So do not pay attention either to the apotheosis or to the envy of others. Do not let them affect you. They exist only as the wall, the nail and the rope exist behind a painting in a museum.

Focus on the path that you and the people you trust have chosen to follow. In the end, whether you are right or not, you will at least pay the costs of your own decisions.

Follow the words said by the great philosopher Aristotle to the newborn Alexander the Great, when King Philip II of Macedonia had invited him to speak in front of Alexander’s cradle.

«When one day you become king, I wish you will be as indifferent and apathetic in the language of flattery as you are indifferent and apathetic in the speech, that your father forced me to utter before you now”

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