Prospects can be found everywhere!

When someone tells you that there are people with no talent at all, empty – hearted, bad and useless by nature, talk to them about the Atacama Desert in Chile; the driest area on Earth, 100 times drier than Death Valley in the USA.

A region that holds the world record for the longest drought, as in 1971 it rained there for the first time in 400 years! But still, the ground just after an unexpected and strong storm was filled with grass and flowers.

There is potential everywhere. There are prospects everywhere. Everywhere there is hope and matter for rebirth both in deserts and in people; As long as we know how to bring it to the surface, as long as we are not blinded by stereotypes, as long as we can be from time to time the lively sun, the cool air and the precious rain for our fellow human beings.

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